Our Story

Extreme Motus is the brainchild of lifelong friends, Dale Pitts and todd Loader. When a challenge arose to crete a chair to take a young, paralyzed girl named Emma to the top of Timpanogos Mountain.

Dale and Todd not only accepted the challenge but have now turned this challenge into a passion. They are now creating the unique Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair to help people living with disabilities and their caretakers enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy their favorite activities, regardless of their abilities. This is the principle around whick we have build our Emma X3 all terrain wheelchairs.

With the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchairs folding frame, fat tires and comfy ride the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is the perfect wheelchair to explore areas that were once previously perceived inaccessible

Disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, late stage ALS, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and more can leave wheelchair users spending too much time indoors. We know that spending time in nature can make everyone happier and healthier

Nature Is Wheelchair Accessible

Nature Is Wheelchair Accessible

The Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair has been designed with a durable and lightweight aluminium frame. No one has spent more time pushing the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair than our team at Extreme Motus. We have slogged through mud completing a Dirty Dash 5k, hiked in National Parks and snowshoed across the frozen tundra to hang out at the National Ability Center Yurt.

We know how capable the Emma X3 all terrain wheelchair is. We have seen how the chair can change the lives of the people who use it. Families can now go places together they never dreamed of going before.

We hope you will join our family of all terrain wheelchair users. the health benefits of spending time in nature should not be overlooked. Think back to your favorite memories in life and I think most of them will have taken place in the outdoors. Wheelchair users can now get out there and start making those memories.

Sam & Ryan

Sam & Ryan

Sam and Ryan joined the Extreme Motus team in 2019. Friends since high school Sam and Ryan love to go on adventures together.

Sam was born with Cerebral Palsy and as you can see from the videos on our YouTube Chanel he has an amazing attitude and outlook on life.

Ryan was born with a love for adventure, and has a hard time identifying when a situation is too dangerous. Because of this Sam’s parents Roger and Christine often join in on their adventures and act as the “Fun Police”.

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