Make the Inaccessible, Accessible

Meet the Creators

Emma's Story

Emma was paralyzed as a young girl at a family reunion when a 85 foot tree unexpectedly fell over on top of her, her grandmother, and her cousin. Despite being paralyzed from the waist down, Emma never let her disability hold her back.  One of the responding firefighters, Dale, kept in touch with Emma's family.

Four years later, a biologist visited Emma's grade school class looking for volunteers to help track hibernating bears. When Emma volunteered, they called upon one of the firemen who responded to her accident to create a way to navigate Emma two miles into the mountains. The creation of that fireman, Dale Pitts, was so successful that he was again later commissioned to create a wheelchair that could help Emma reach the top of Timpanogos Mountain.

Dale partnered with his best friend and machinist Todd Loader to create this special chair. They created the first version of what is today the Emma X3. Now, almost 20 years later, Dale and Todd are creating these special wheelchairs to help everyone reach their dreams.