Sam and I had a great time at the skatepark in Springville, UT. Using the Extreme Motus off road wheelchair we can do every obstacle in the park with varying degrees of success. Including the crescent moon shaped rail which is the most difficult trick in the park.

Our favorite is the 2 rolling hills because the Emma X3 rolls over them so smooth. With enough speed we can also catch some pretty decent hang time. 

Tony Hawking

I posted some short clips of our stunts to the Extreme Motus TikTok channel and they racked up over 600,000 views in just a few days. Some of the commenters dubbed Sam “Tony Hawking” a clever mashup of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk and wheelchair bound super genius Steven Hawking. 

Tony Hawkins

I think in the future we will visit other skateparks and try them out. Maybe even bring a helmet too. Who wants to see some Tony Hawking merch?